Navigate with changing times

With SupperBuzz, it only takes minutes to get up and running. Our sales, and customer engagement software is quick to implement and easily scales to meet changing challenges.


SupperBuzz is the world’s best social media marketing platform.

Power up your marketing strategy with SupperBuzz
Put Your Social Media on Autopilot


Save time and
lower costs

Quick and easy setup allows you to grow and adapt effectively overtime.




Use workflows, automation, and AI to route your tickets to the right agent.


Boost customer satisfaction

Assist customers with better intel and less manual work.



Provide support
across channels

Solve tickets via web, email, phone, SMS, and social media —all in one place.



Trusted globally by the world’s most innovative
businesses Big and Small



Send bulk message

Has the feature of sending BULK
messages to page subscribers.


Auto private reply

Has the feature of sending auto replies
into your post’s commenter inbox.


Text/image/video/link post

Has the feature of posting all types into
Facebook pages.

Bot Reply

Helps to increase page reposne time by
reply inbox message based on keywords.


Auto comment reply

Has the feature of sending auto reply to
your post’s commenter comments.

Auto comment like

Has the feature of auto like your page’s
new posts.

Page message manager

Helps you to see unread messages, send
replies and also has chatting facilities

Persistent Menu

A customized menu options inside your
page inbox to help people explore more about you.